Running a business or launching a new startup takes an incredible amount of work. Between developing your products/services, operations, marketing, and everything else, it’s easy for your business or brand’s look and visuals to take a backseat. 

That’s where Amphi Design comes in.

經營一家企業或創辦新公司需要大量的工作。 在開發產品/服務、營運、行銷和其他一切之間,您的企業或品牌的外觀和視覺效果很容易退居二線。

這就是 Amphi Design 的需要之處。

As a creative service extension of Amphi Studios – a modern coworking space where entrepreneurs and hustlers in Hong Kong (more specifically, in Kwun Tong) come to amplify their potential – Amphi Design specializes in helping businesses elevate their brand image and creative assets. Co-Founders Eason and Elizabeth come from fashion, film and photography backgrounds, and are here to help amplify your business’s potential through powerful visuals and eye-catching design.

Amphi Studios 是一個創意化的共享辦公空間,為香港(更具體地說是觀塘)的商家和自由身工作者來這裡發揮自己的潛力,作為Amphi Studios 的創意服務延伸,Amphi Design 專注於幫助企業提升品牌形象和創意資產。 共同創辦人 Eason 和 Elizabeth 來自時尚、電影和攝影背景,他們致力於透過強大的視覺效果和引人注目的設計來幫助您擴大業務潛力。

Offering everything from professional portrait/headshot photography to product styling and social content creation, Amphi Design has the skills to capture your brand’s story and essence through striking imagery. 

Amphi Design 提供從專業人像攝影到產品造型攝影和社交內容創作的全方位服務,能夠透過引人注目的影像捕捉您的品牌故事和精髓。

For startups in particular, investing in premium creative services from the get-go can be challenging. Amphi Design is with every step of the creative process, with flexible and tailored options to meet entrepreneurs where they are in their journey. 

特別是對於新創公司來說,從一開始就投資優質創意服務可能具有挑戰性。 Amphi Design 參與創意過程的每一步,提供靈活且量身定制的選項,以滿足創業家的需求。

We’re all about amplifying your potential through design. Some of our creative services offered include:

  • Branding/ Production Consultation
  • Portrait/Headshot Photography
  • Product Photography & Styling
  • Social Media Photo/ Video Content Creation
  • Collateral Design
  • And more!

Ready to invest in your brand or business and take it to the next level? Reach out to us today for a free discovery consultation and estimate. 

Let’s unlock your business’s full creative potential!

我們致力透過設計來放大您的潛力。 我們提供的一些創意服務包括:

準備好投資您的品牌或業務並將其提升到一個新的水平嗎? 請立即聯絡我們,進行免費的諮詢和評估。