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According to one of the blogs by e-commerce service platform Shopify, “as many as 84% of customers say they’re more apt to stick with a brand that offers a loyalty program.” When done right, they could be effective and beneficial for both the customer and business owner.
根據電子商務服務平台 Shopify 的一篇博客,“多達 84% 的客戶表示,他們更傾向於堅持提供忠誠度計劃的品牌。” 如果做得正確,它們可以對客戶和企業主都有效且有益。


Loyalty memberships and rewards programs today however have saturated the market. In Hong Kong,  this includes from stamping paper cards at your local coffee shop, to accumulating digital points after grocery shopping at PNS or M&S. At times they could be a nuisance to sign up to with all the “necessary” information you are required to submit, or you now might have way too many apps downloaded from every store and product type you purchased.

然而,如今的忠誠會員資格和獎勵計劃已經使市場飽和。 這包括從在當地咖啡店在紙卡上蓋章,到在 PNS 或 M&S 雜貨店購物後累積電子積分。 當使用平台時您需要提交的所有「必要」資訊進行註冊可能會很麻煩,或者您現在可能從您購買的每個商店和產品類型下載了太多應用程式。


A more innovative approach to loyalty programs to meet today’s fast-moving consumer behavior that also inspires a purchase is needed… and here (drumroll please) enters Meed!

需要一種更具創新性的忠誠度計劃方法,以滿足當今快速變化的消費者行為,同時激發購買…這裡(請鼓掌)進入 Meed

amphi studios meed loyalty coworking space membership




We’re extremely excited to partner with fellow Amphi member Meed to digitize our coworking space offers for you to enjoy straight from your mobile!

我們非常高興與 Amphi 會員 Meed 合作,將我們的優惠電子化,讓您直接透過手機享受!


As an instant, app-free membership, together with Meed, we are revolutionizing your customer loyalty and coworking experience like no other! Simply scan our QR code, follow the prompts and voila! You’re in!

作為無需應用程式的即時會員登入,我們與 Meed 一起徹底改變您的客戶忠誠度和共享辦公室的方便體驗! 只需掃描我們的二維碼,按照提示操作即可使用!

amphi studios coworking space meed loyalty program scan QR code membership


You can even store your membership card in your phone wallet for quick and easy access.



To celebrate the launch of our partnership, members who sign up to our loyalty program via Meed can receive a HK$50 voucher* to enjoy when purchasing our Day Pass!

為慶祝我們合作關係的啟動,透過 Meed 加入我們的會員計畫的會員在購買我們的全日通行證時即可獲贈港幣 50 元禮券!*

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This means you get to enjoy a full day of working in an ambient coworking space, with complimentary high-speed WIFI access and coffee/ tea to keep you fueled!



We’re also adding other various offers overtime, such as 20% off* your first Yoga & Meditation for Office Workers with Phoebe Ng held monthly at our studio space. 

我們還增加了其他各種優惠,例如每月在我們的活動空間舉辦的 Phoebe Ng 為辦公室工作人員舉辦的瑜伽和冥想課, 首次參加可享受 20% 的折扣*


Limited availability so get scanning!


amphi studios coworking space meed loyalty QR code membership scan


Want to amplify your potential? Experience working at Amphi Studios today!
想要放大你的潛能嗎? 今天就體驗在 Amphi Studios 工作吧!

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*Offer ends 30/04/2024. T&C applies. Be sure to read up on them as you agree to them once a voucher is redeemed & purchase/ booking payment is received by us. 

*優惠將於 2024 年 4 月 30 日結束。條款與條件適用。 一旦兌換優惠券並且我們收到購買/預訂付款,請務必閱讀這些條款,因為您同意這些條款。


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