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Purchase our Coffee Pass to work in our ambient workspace for 3 hours between Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm.

購買我們的 Coffee Pass 即可在我們的工作時間為周一至週五上午 9 點至下午 6 點工作 3 小時。


You can choose to work at our hotdesk, lounge area and/ or our open workspace. Access to phone booth is shared and subject to availability.

可選擇使用我們的移動辦公桌、休息區、和/或 共享工作區工作。使用電話亭需視供應情況而定。


Coffee Pass also includes water, coffee, tea, softdrinks and snacks. Access to high-speed WIFI is complimentary as well.

Coffee Pass 包括水、咖啡、茶、雪櫃中的飲品、小食。包括使用 高速WIFI。


Please reserve date and time you wish to use your pass here, otherwise space is subject to availability.

購買Coffee Pass後請預訂您想使用日期和時間,否則空間將視供應情況而定。


Note all Pass purchases are subject to 30-day validity from date of purchase.

請注意自購買之日起 30 天有效期


See here for further terms and conditions.