Like everywhere else in the world, Hongkongers experienced having to #WFH – for the good and bad- during the pandemic era.


Some of us may be happy to work from home. You get to spend more time with family or lounging on the sofa, and spend less time commuting in peak hour traffic and working from a stifling cubicle environment.我們有一些人可能很樂意在家工作。 您可以花更多的時間與家人在一起或躺在沙發上,而花更少的時間在坐車和在令人窒息的小隔間環境中工作。

The bad? Let’s not forget the average household size in HK is approximately 170 sq ft, according to the 2021 Population Census. Holding a Zoom meeting on your personal mobile phone (the only device that has a camera), cramped at one corner of the family dining table with a crying child is less than ideal. To add to the stress, an unstable home WIFI may get everyone else in the household screaming along with the child too.

壞處? 我們不要忘記,根據 2021 年人口普查,香港的平均家庭面積約為 170 平方英尺。 在你的個人手機(唯一有相機的裝置)上召開 Zoom 會議,在家庭餐桌的一個角落裡,帶著哭泣的孩子,這種情況不太理想。 更糟的是,不穩定的家居 WIFI ,或會聽到樓上/下的孩子不斷尖叫。

So what has hybrid work taught us? Why is it ‘the new normal?’
那麼混合工作教會了我們什麼呢? 為什麼它是「新常態」?


Our answer is: Balance.



Flexible work offers the benefits of both working at and away from the office. Some days you can work comfortably at home, and some days collaborate face-to-face with colleagues at the office and feel more ‘part of the team’ and less of a 24×7 parent.
靈活的工作方式提供了在辦公室工作和不在辦公室工作的好處。 有時您可以在家中舒適地工作,有時您可以在辦公室與同事面對面協作,感覺更像是“團隊的一部分”,而不是像 24×7 的家長模式一樣。


Companies adopting hybrid work models also benefit from improving workers’ well-being that goes beyond reducing fixed asset costs . Working from a well-designed, serviced co-working space that delights and attracts employees back to the office increases their productivity, and helps build a stronger company culture.
採用混合工作模式的公司還可以從改善員工福祉中受益,而不僅僅是降低固定資出成本。 在精心設計、服務周到的共享辦公空間中工作,可以讓員工高興並吸引他們回到辦公室,從而提高他們的工作效率,並有助於建立更強大的公司文化。

This work-life balance is becoming a priority for Hong Kong job applicants, as reported in Randstad Hong Kong’s 2024 Market Outlook and Salary Trends report.
此外,正如 Ranstad Hong Kong 的 2024 年市場展望和薪資趨勢報告所述這種工作與生活的平衡正成為香港求職者的優先考慮因素。

A Bloomberg intelligence survey also supports this, where some Hong Kong workers want a 6 percent raise if to give up hybrid work arrangements.
Bloomberg 的一項情報調查也支持這一點,一些香港工人希望加薪 6%,以放棄混合工作安排。

As you can see, hybrid work significantly benefits both businesses and their team members. Done in the right co-working space that offers an ergonomic and ambient environment with premium and hospitable services, both parties can enjoy a work-life balance that brings productivity and profitability.
混合工作對企業及其團隊成員都顯著有利。 在合適的共享辦公空間中完成,提供符合人體工學的環境和優質熱情的服務,雙方都可以享受工作與生活的平衡,從而提高生產力和盈利能力。


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